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Negative Ions

negative ionsWhen someone tells you that negative ions are good for you, you may think that they are something really special. But this is not so, because they are abundantly available like money, but some just don't have enough.

Negative ions are merely water particles that have been broken down smaller by forces such as winds. Among water particles, those small ones tend to attract electrons by nature and are more likely to become negatively charged. By contrast, larger water particles tend to become positively charged because their electrons are taken away by smaller particles. These small water particles are called negative-charged (negative) ions, whereas the larger ones are known as positive ions.

The most important question in mind now may be why negative ions are good for us. The answer is that most of the illnesses inflicted on us as we age are believed to be due to the oxidation of the body caused by free radicals. Oxidation means that molecules lose electrons as they bind with oxygen. This means that in order for us to stay healthy and free from illnesses, it is important for us to keep our body in a state where it is difficult to lose electrons.

Negative ions can therefore convert free radicals into ordinary oxygen by uniting with them. When this happens inside our body, the supply of oxygen increases and we will feel more refreshed. At the same time, our body's antioxidant power works better. Our blood circulation improves, so the body's function to flush out toxic substances stored inside cells improves as well.

How does the Human Body Benefits from Negative Ions?

Blood cleansing effect - When a negative potential is applied to the entire human body, the ionization rate of calcium and sodium in the blood rises, making the blood slightly alkalized, a healthy state.

Cell activation effect - When the air around you has more negative ions than positive ones, the cell membranes in your body show greater electrical activity, thereby producing more active metabolism; moreover, the increase of calcium in your blood ensures greater activity of muscles, particularly the heart muscles, so your heart becomes stronger.

Immune system boosting effect - An increase in negative ions surrounding you means an increase in gamma globulins in your blood, which is known to raise your body's resistance to disease.

Autonomous nervous function regulating effect - The function of the autonomous nervous system that controls all the organs working without our consciousness is improved; because of this, negative ions help the body achieve calmness, sounder sleep, better control of the perspiration function, quicker fatigue recovery, etc.