As binchotan has many tiny cavities oriented in different directions, it has excellent absorbing ability. With a surface area of about 250 m2 per gram, the cavities of binchotan can attach different substances to their walls. For example, they can absorb moisture from humid air, then release it during dry conditions. This makes binchotan an excellent humidity regulator.

When using binchotan to regulate humidity and to remove odor, it is recommended to use 8 kg for a room area of around 10 to 13 m2.

Binchotan has other benefits, too: it absorbs unpleasant room odors and harmful substances; it generates negative ions that are said to put people in a better frame of mind; and it emits a far-infrared effect that supposedly improves blood circulation.

Binchotan is environmentally friendly too–at the end of its useful lifespan, just crush it into small pieces and let it go back to nature.

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